Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Your Library! & Reading Tip


     It's hard to overstate the importance of libraries to writers and readers alike. The library is a mine of inspiration and a free bookstore. Free novels, yes, but also free manuals, free information. Also, free movies, music and classes!
     It's love month at the Lake County Library! Show them some love. Make an extra trip, say an extra thank you, donate an extra dollar!
     Okay, on with today's tip. You've probably heard this before, but I'm going to say it again because it's so important.
     I KNOW you've heard that reading is equally as important as writing for the creative mind.
     Some people say, "Read in your vein," or, "Read what you write." While that is important, I think it's far more important to read anything and everything. Seriously. If you write Sci-Fi, go read a western (I met someone once who was writing a western sci-fi novel)! Do you write Young Adult novels? Go find a popular adult pick and devour it, for a change of pace.
     Because I write for young adults, I read a lot of fiction for that age level. It's often a struggle for me to pull myself out of my comfort zone (Dessen, Collins, Cashore, etc). I need to, though!
It's good for us writers and readers; it opens our minds to new possibilities! By possibilities, I mean new content, new styles, new endings, etc. So!

                             Christy Dares You (#1):
     Go to a new section in the library and pick up a book you usually wouldn't. Read it through to the end. Maybe you'll like it! And even if you didn't, you did learn something. What not to write. :D


  1. Oh, I totally agree with this! Sometimes switching between YA (with and without magic!), romance, urban fantasy, and even blogs and self-help can be very illuminating in terms of style, tone, wording, etc. It's so nice to be able to be in a ton of different people's heads! :D

    Also, we should totally be friends! How about coffee and a major one-on-one book exchange sometime? I'm a big fan of YA too, and we can probably recommend a bunch of books that the other wants to read! Maybe we can get all our friends together and make an event out of seeing the Hunger Games movie? Bows in our hands and braids in our hair might have to be mandatory.

    - Sonora (friend of Teresa's in case you forgot who I was, haha!)

    1. Of course I remember you, Sonora! :) And hanging out sounds great! Are you on any writing sites on anything like that?

      I'm definitely planning to see The Hunger Games. The trailers look awesuuuuuuuuum! It would be cool to see it with you (*Crossing fingers that Teresa will be able to come*). We'll have to coordinate on that.

      Exchanging books sounds cool, too!


    2. Well, I am on blogger: . Is that what you mean? I'm also on twitter here:!/sonora .

      I know! Dude, if not we'll just have to drive down to SF, yes?

      Just email me (sonorabravo at gmail dot com) when you're free and I'll send you my phone number! :)

    3. Oh, cool! I took a look at your at your blog :) I don't have twitter yet, but it's looking like I'll have to get one soon. It seems like it's on the rise.

      By writing sites, I meant something like an online community to exchange work. Like,, etc.

      Do you do NaNoWriMo, btw?

      I'm pretty busy right now bc of school, but lets definitely plan to see The Hunger Games! :) When the theatre's website posts the dates, I'll email you about a good day to go see it.

      Thanks for getting in touch!