Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Upcoming Library Events: Interior Designing Class & Book Sale

     Have I got goodies for YOU today! I'll explain at the end why this week's post is early. Let's start with the good stuff!

Free Interior Design Class @ Library
     Do ever wonder how to color your walls/accessories/appliances/shelving so they look cooridnated?Thinking about summer renovations, maybe? On Wednesday, May 9th, the library will be hosting a FREE class on how to color your house! And I don't mean with crayons! Interior designer Robert Boccabella will lead the class. I know my decorating skills are--erm--less than "great," so I'm excited to hear from the expert. This class will start at 6PM and run until 7:30PM.

Book Sale @ Library
     Paperbacks for $.50, Hardcovers for $1.00! And they have good stuff--at previous sales, I've found Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen, ALL the Harry Potters and tons of other great reads. I've used several for gifts, too, because they *looked* brand new. All for a dollar or under. This sale will happen on Saturday May 19th, FROM 10am-4pm, put on by the Friends of the Library (<3 them! seriously!). Come support our library by practically stealing great books, with a happy conscience!

Why The Post is Early This Week
     Keviste and I are heading out to see a wedding (a sort-of wedding, actually--lovely couple--Congrats Kyle and Hope Forti!) and stay a few days in Monterey and Carmel. So. Early post!
     Next week will be special. On top of the long-promised writing tip, I will be posting one of my favorite essays from class last semester. It's a creative non-fiction essay (so, a story based on a memory, with a thesis weaved in) in which I contemplate the meaning of judgment.
     See you then, friends!


  1. An interior design degree could open the door to a career in many design specialties. While design is important, and learning about colors is vital, interior designers also have to possess some basic business far as i get.

  2. How interesting! I didn't know that. This particlar class is only an hour and a half long, so the speaker chose to focus in on the subject of color in the household. It's not for credit or anything like that--just an overview or "how to" class!