Friday, July 13, 2012

CSI Teen Library Event

     Book Bandits, it's your day.
     Actually, if you're a teen BB, yesterday was your day. The library hosted a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) program for teens. Two employees of the Sheriff's department (a Detective and a Tech with a very complicated official-sounding title) came and showed us what REALLY happens at a crime scene, and how crimes are solved.
     Below, we see some of the teens who attended:
They look bored because we haven't started yet...and because I hassled them
by taking pictures :)

     First, the sheriffs gave a fascinating lecture on the point of CSIs, and passed around several examples of finger print lifts. We got to see real evidence from real cases!  Next, the CSIs set up a "crime scene" for the teens to work in.
This was the entrance to the "crime scene." Notice the yellow sign on the
window. What a clever detective! He told us he's given several classes before.
No wonder they did such a great job!

Notice the small paper scraps on the bottom left. That's the
"broken window glass." Here, the teens are solving the
     Next, we all filed into the "lab" and lifted fingerprints off of several bottles and cans. We actually got to use real equipment!
I felt very lucky to be allowed to join the fingerprinting action, even though I'm not a teen anymore. It looks like I'm picking my nose, but really I'm being told that my face mask is upside it's just as embarrassing! ;)

     These are the two awesome CSIs who showed us all the goods!


     We owe them a huuuuuuuge thank you for coming to the library and teaching some basic nabbing techniques.
     If this looks awesome to you, know that it was just one of many teen events going on this summer. You can always come for the next event, which will be July 28th from 2PM-4PM. We'll be learning how to make solar ovens, and cooking s'mores! This is a handy tool for camping trips. Come have fun and learn with us!
     We're also hosting a photo contest. The winner will recieve a digital camera, and every participant gets their photos displayed at our fancy wrap-up party! Sound cool? For more information about other Teen events going on this summer, check out this post, or stop by the library any time and pick up an info packet. It's not too late to join!
     Hope your summer is going great, Book Bandits!

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