Friday, September 21, 2012

Your Library, Ebook, and YA Novel Newscast 9/21/12

Hey everyone!
Next week I'll have a nice, long, detailed post for you (which I know because I've written the first draft already), but this week we have a load of news.
Some library news! One library worker will be teaching a class on how to use the new ebooks. Even though I don't have an ereader, I think I may go anyway :) You can also get the ebooks on smartphones. That class will be on Wednesday, October 3rd, at 6PM.
The library will also be hosting a free demonstration on Jams and Jellies on Wednesday, September 26th at 6PM.
I read several blogs to keep up on book news, and I just found another great review of my FAVORITE Young Adult book of the year: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. If you'd like to read said review, here 'tis.
And some cool YA book news: the Teens' Top Ten voting has officially ended. The results will be in by October 14th! I can't wait!!! As usual, the announcement coincides with Teen Read Week, another YALSA (Young Adult Library Services) initiative. Tell the young adults in your life! The ten winners are not only the most popular YA books in the USA, they are often the most intelligent, original, or literary, as well. It's a great program.
Do you want to make your mark on YA book history? You can be involved in the process of nominating a book for the Printz Award. Isn't that neat? You don't even have to be a YALSA member. Everybody's doing it. Just kidding. But seriously.
Have a great week, Book Bandits and Scribblers!

Original (unedited) Photo Credit: Corso, Stefano. International newspaper, Rome May 2005.jpg. Wikimedia Commons. 15 May 2005. 21 Sept. 2012.

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