Friday, November 18, 2011

Write. Then revise. Then revise again. Then revise s'more....

     You may remember my joyous proclaimation last year about the birth of "my new novel!" Let me explain why only two people have been allowed to read this NaNoWriMo novel.

     Some writers hate them, some writers love them, but we all have to do them.
     Revision is rewriting. Editing in big chunks. Like, "I wrote  this scene for chapter two, but I think it should actually go in chapter 37." It's all about decisions, and let me tell you, it's hard.
     So, only two people have gotten to read my book: my mother, and my critique partner. No one else will until I have revised it so much it's almost unrecognizable as the same book. And trust me, it's a good thing.
     There's another reason I'm not sharing my book. If I got copies of it made and distributed them, it would be considered "self-publishing." I don't have space to talk about exactly what that is here, but at some point I will.
     If you want some inspiring and useful advice on revising, I'll direct you to two places:
     Both of these blogs inform and inspire. They rule the writing tips. Seriously. A lot of times, when give advice, I'll put up links for articles on these sites.
     Anyway, happy revising!


  1. Christy, when I first read the NaNoWriMo acronym, I thought it could stand for something you might hear from someone you were confiding in, if you ever felt like giving up on your novel. Their response to you... NaNoWriMo...Naaaa, No, Write More
    Mr. Stovall

  2. Haha. Your jokes are really similar to my dad's. Thanks Mr. Stovall!