Friday, October 5, 2012

Goodies: Contest, Addendum, and Library Schedule!

Hey Scribblers and Book Bandits, We've got another "goodies" post, today.
     First of all, a contest! If you're sending out submissions to agents or magazines, it's always nice to have a list of places to send your stories. If you're checking out the market for children's books, you're in luck! Mary Kole of is giving away a free copy of Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market in a contest. Check it out here, second post down.
     Next, the addendum. Last week, I shared my opinion about whether college is necessary for writers. College is not the only venue to become a writer. After mulling over the post for another week, I thought I'd better add something. While a degree of any level in Creative Writing is not necessary, it's not a bad idea to get a taste of college--like an Associate's Degree. It's so much more work than high school. Even a few classes can teach you basic skills like research, study skills, critical thinking, and coherent writing. It's not even that expensive, if you go through a community college. I did! ;) Anyway, that's my two cents.
     I thought I'd throw in a little update about the Lascoux Flash Fiction contest I entered a few weeks back, since I  posted about it on the blog. I didn't win, but it was a great experience, and I learned something through it. First of all, if you didn't get to join this one, I encourage you to join the next! I post about every contest I hear of. Lascaux will be holding another contest in a few months. What I learned: I recommend entering all the free contests you can, until you start winning, or until you've gotten something published. Don't worry so much about the ones with entry fees. It's not worth your money, when you could just submit a piece to the magazine for free!
     Here is the promised schedule of events related to the library.
  • The Vineyard Run for Literacy (5K, 10K, & 5K Walk) is a great fundraiser. I may be running in it this year. Too bad it's during church, though! Hate that. Sun. October 14: 8:00 am registration, 9:00 am run. Steele Wines. Hwy. 29 & Thomas Drive., Finley. Register online at Call 263-7633 for more info. All ages allowed.
  • Literacy tutor training. Learn to teach adults to read. This actually isn't a "library" event, technically. I just know about it through the library. It's a great way to improve our community. Wed.10/17, 10,24,10/31.12:30—4:30 pm. The 3classes will be at Mendo. College in Lakeport. 1005 Parallel Dr., Lakeport. Wednesdays Oct. 17, 24, & 31. 263-7633. Adults Only.
  • Beginning Your Family History Search. Jan Cook presents a program on starting genealogy. This is a family event. Sat. 10/27 9:00 am at the Lakeport library (Ooooh, look, you get in early! The library won't technically be open, but they'll let us special...genealogists? in early!) Call 263-8817 for more info. Jan Cook asks that you call or sign up at the library ahead of time, if possible, so they'll know how many handouts to make.
  • “Proper Victorian Dress” Archaeologist Barbara White demonstrates Victorian clothing. If you're into Victorian era reading--Austen, Bronte sisters, etc.--you'll enjoy learning about the clothing of the period. I sure will! Family fun. This one is at the Lakeport library, Sat. 10/27 2:00 pm. Same day as Geneology class. Call 263-8817 for more info.
And one last thing: I'm asking you a favor. Could you tell me what information you like/appreciate the most from my blog?
     -library news
     -contest news
     -writing tips
     -book reviews.
     -workshops and classes
     -anything else!
I would appreciate hearing from you in the comments section below. Thanks a lot, friends!

FYI: Next week, there won'd be a blog post because I'll be swamped in finals. See you in two!

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