Sunday, October 14, 2012

NaNoWriMo Time

     Who's going to do NaNo this year? I'm still deciding. Because I've finished it twice, I have two manuscripts which need some TLC. My revision process is pretty darn slow. But that's just where I am! That doesn't mean it's where YOU are.
     NaNo is already having it's old effect on me, like a friend calling my name. It's just. So. Much. Fun!
     If you are just getting started in writing, NaNoWriMo is perfect. It kicks up motivation and enthusiasm. It teaches writers what a day's work feels like. It's great practice.
     I think it's important to be prepared for NaNo, though. Perhaps I'm a bit skeptical of the "No Plot? No Problem!" theory. You will probably end up with a useless load of sludge, using that approach. I've compiled a list of professional opinions below about how to make NaNo a useful tool for the writing:

  • From Mary Kole, a literary agent, author of a popular writing craf blog "," and author of a writing craft book Writing Irresistible Kidlit, we have Happy NaNoWrimo, a realistic look at the benefits and downsides of NaNo. Mary Kole has also written many great articles on Revision, which I highly recommend for those who end up finishing NaNo this year. Mary Kole's blog was my first writing school! I will owe her forever.
  • Nathan Bransford, an insanely popular, internet sensation blogger, a former literary agent and current author of a children's book series called Jacob Wonderbar can officially claim the place of "Second School of Writing" for me. If you are considering participating in NaNo this year, check out Bransford's perspective and NaNoWriMo Bootcamp list.
  • Lisa Cron, an experienced story consultant, writes about how to avoid NaNo pitfalls.
  • Martha Alderson, the author of The Plot Whisperer Workbook with advice on Pre-Plotting your NaNo novel.
Have a blast friends! I hope you'll try it, if you never have before.


  1. I will be doing NaNo even though I have no time for it.

    I dropped by because I was looking for the author of Mr. Esper's Chair in the Lascaux flash contest. It was one of my absolute favorites. Beautifully written, subtle but devastating plot, great mood and imagery, very smooth.

    Not sure how you and I haven't connected through other writing circles. I look forward to reading your future blog posts, though! And I hope you end up doing NaNo after all.

  2. Hi Peter,

    NaNoWriMo is some serious fun! I have an idea ready in case I jump into it at the last, but I'm not actively planning to do so. Possibly next year. I'm glad to hear that you are though!

    Thank you so much for reading my story, and finding my blog. It's encouraging to hear that Mr. Esper was meaningful to you.

    I noticed that we both follow Nathan Bransford's blog. I don't comment on it much, though--all the experts over there intimidate me! :)

    I'll be keeping track of your blog, too. Thanks again!

    -Christy Luis