Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Teen Book: Operation Teen Book Drop 2013

Hi Scribblers and Book Bandits!
Today is a special early post because tomorrow is "Rock the Drop 2013," which means a friend (Amy Patton, the Librarian who runs the Young Adult Summer Reading Program at the Lakeport Library) and I will be dropping two awesome Young Adult books off in specific locations for you to find. It's an adventure! I am leaving a book in the Riviera for a fellow reader to find and enjoy, while Amy leaves hers in a different spot. Tomorrow I will tell you the specific locations + give you pictures of the books in their spots.

Here is my book:

This is actually two Sarah Dessen books packaged together into one--and with the movie cover! (The books are better than the movie, of course.) The first book, That Summer is about a high school girl named Haven who wishes for the past, before her sister was marrying "boring Lewis." She looks back, back to the summer her sister dated Sumner who colored life exciting. But when she realizes the past was not perfect, she gains more hope for the future. This was a free, quiet and witty read--Dessen's debut novel. She was originally writing towards a more adult audience, so it has a different flavor from her later books. The second novel, Someone Like You, is about two high school girls who rely more heavily on each other than every before during this particularly difficult year. As usual, Dessen writes quiet realism mixed with clever humor and endearing characters. Friendship is the focus in this one, and I loved it because friendship is so important in high school (and all of life, but especially then). The movie combines these two books into one story--an interesting mix. The title "How To Deal" is very obviously about how to survive high school. For more info on Sarah Dessen books, check out her website.
And here is Amy's book:

This book is Newberry-winning historical fiction about a Jewish girl who lives during the time of the Holocaust. I haven't read it, but I've read other Lois Lowry books. They are beyond "just" exciting--they are beautiful. Literary.

Tommorrow, I will reveal the book drop locations. Get Ready. Get Set...

This project was inspired by, which posted about how several teen lit organizations (such as YALSA) are parternering in the effort. Keep your eye out for our books and others!

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