Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rock the Drop Location: The Library!

The Official Location! And Amy the librarian!
     So, yesterday I said my book drop location would be in the Riv. That changed when someone took Amy's book a day early. Long story, that.
     Anyhow, my book will be at
<-- that spot,
in the picture. That is the Lakeport library: 1425 N. High St. in Lakeport. And yes, that is me in the door reflection. I will drop my (your) book off around

2:45 today.

 If Amy's book happens to be there, too, feel free to take it! (That's part of the long story I won't share today.)
     Just as a refresher, you can check here for the book descriptions, and their pictures are below.
My book!

Amy's Book!
P.S. The books will have this bookplate on the outside and inside cover to mark them as "yours":

Go get 'em! They're yours.

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