Friday, December 2, 2011

California Libraries in Jeopardy

     I was planning on writing a book review today, but this needs to be discussed. Fellow Californians and Library users, this message is very important.
     On the 15th of December, all state funding for California libraries may be cut. What would that mean for our little Lakeport Library? And all the other libraries in the state? We can't know for sure yet, but it would likely include fewer hours or days for the library to be open, staff cuts, no book budgets (all books would come by donation), and complete elimination of the literacy program, which teaches adults how to read. Oh, and you know how we can order free books and movies from other libraries? We'd probably have to pay for that service, if these cuts happen. Even library cards may cost money.
     If you want to know more, you can read about it here.
     Now, we have a chance to to speak out against this. Go to the library. In Lakeport, the staff has provided letters  which are  typed up and ready to be mailed in free envelopes. The letters formally request that the library be removed from the governor hit list, because we've already taken huge cuts in the past few years. It explains that the library serves more and more patrons every year, and is already stretched very thin, budget-wise. The letters are adressed to the Governor Brown. All you have to do is sign one, stamp it and send it off. You can help us save the lake county library from hundreds of thousands of cuts, and other CA libraries as well.
     Please help.
     Thank you to those who already have (mom and dad :)!

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